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I was born in 1953 in Pula. From 1956 until 1985 I lived in Zagreb, where I went toSonja Smolec school. I now live in Velika Gorica.I have been writing poetry and other literary work from an early age. At the beginning I was painting as well, and at one time I was member of the art group ‘69’. Unfortunately, I had to neglect my love for painting due to family commitments.

In Secondary School, I was an active member and students’ representative in charge of the school library, where I was actively involved with the maintenance and lending of books to other students. My written work was published in schools’ newspapers, magazines, etc, and I was invited to read my poems at various official events and festivals.

Around 1970, my poems have been published in magazines for the young - in Tina, in Prvomajac, and in the collection of poems - Poesis. As a young mother, I told stories (which I made up) to my son, not because other stories were not good, but because of his curiosity and constant desire for something different. It was from him that I gained the incentive to write my first book.

In my former workplace (Metalia Commerce) I organized festivals for children, and at the time when my country was at war, I arranged an exhibition of children’s drawings from our estate in Velika Gorica.

Apart from children’s stories and novels for adults, I write also poetry.

I am the editor of several books of poetry domestic and foreign authors.

Since February, I have been a member of the Society of Writers for children and youth, Croatia.
A member of the
Društva književnika Hrvatske (Croatian Writers' Asociation)
2005 Since March 2011, I have been a member of the Artists’ Society "Spark", Velika  Gorica. For a certain period I was “Spark”’s magazine editor.
2006 Included in the "Lexicon of contemporary writers from Velika Gorica".
2008  Included in the book "Croatians: Webster's Quotations, Facts and Phrases" By Inc Icon Group International, page 45.

2009 Since Jun, I have been a member of the World Poets Society (W.P.S.)
2011 Member of the society Jutro Poezije, Zagreb, Croatia

2011. My short story, "Night Howl" won the “International Appreciation Prize” in a writing competition organized by “El Museo De La Palabra”, Spain.

Poetry and prose are translated to English, Spanish, German, Macedonian and Dutch.


many renowned people I met in person, the following especially inspired me with their sporting, scientific and literary work as well as with their extraordinary spirit.

Vladimir Prelog (July 23,1906 – January 7, 1998) - Croatian chemist and Nobel Prize winner in chemistry, year 1975. Extraordinary person and collaborator.

Žarko Dolinar (July 3, 1920 – March 9, 2003) - He was world doubles table-tennis champion with his partner, Vilim Harangozo A university professor in both Zagreb and Basel, he was honored as one of the Righteous Among the Nations for saving, together with his brother Boris, about 300 Jews during World War II. It was my pleasure and privilege to collaborate with him.

Dragutin Tadijanović (November 4, 1905 – June 27, 2007) - was a renowned Croatian poet and erudite cordially referred to as 'Bard' in Croatia.

Vesna Parun (April 10, 1922 – October 25, 2010) - Poet, writer and translator.

Višnja Stahuljak (Zagreb, March 10, 1926. - March 3, 2011.) - Poet and writer.

Published books

For children
Books of poetry

Published in the national and international collections of poetry

1980  -  Poesis, Karlovac, CRO
2008  -
 The Four Seasons of Poetry by B.Chandler, USA
2008  -
 Love is... But a Metaphore by B. Chandler, USA
2009 - Hod se nastavlja, Recital and Collection of Poetry, Željka Boc, Hrvatska
2009 -
Vlas tot Goud.Flax to Gold, SA, 2009
2011 -
Hod se nastavlja, Recital and Collection of Poetry, Željka Boc, CRO
2011 - Sudden Thunder,
Anthology, Silver Bow Publishing, Canada - Poem "Just tired" read in public by Mickey Bicherstuff.
2011 - We are all Japan, Anthology,
Robert D. Wilson and Sasa Vazic. Cover page: Sonja Smolec, Hrvatska
2011 - Susret riječi, Bedekovčina 2011, CRO
2012 -
Ink Angels, A poetry Anthology, Social Design Publishing, USA
2013 - Poem "Stained-glass reflection" -Voices Israel  -Jerusalem, Israel
2013 - Poem "Lavanda" - More na dlanu, International Poetry Anthology by Kultura Snova, Zagreb, CRO
2013 - My poem "The warmth of sepia light" has been selected to be included in
"Ekphrastia Gone Wild", by Ain't Got No Press, USA. Poetry inspired by other works of art (incl. painting, film, literature, photography and more) including work by Nobel Prize winning poet Wislawa Szymborska along with a roster of 87 poets from all over the world

Four Seasons of Poetry

Love is... But a Metaphore

Hod se nastavlja, Recital i zbirka poezije "Željka Boc", 2009

Vlas tot Goud.Flax to Gold, 2009

Hod se nastavlja 2011 Sudden Thunder

We are all Japan

Susret rijeci, Bedekovcina 2011

Ink Angels, 2012

 Antologija Voices Israel Jeruzalem, Izrael, 2013

More na dlanu, 2013

"Ekphrastia Gone Wild", Ain't Got No Press, USA, 2013

Prijateljstvo uklesano stihom Reflected Memories -AllPoetry - A Poety Anthology        

Short stories published and printed in Short stories collections

2008 - Hrvatsko društvo književnika za djecu i mlade (Croatian Society of Writers for Children and Youth - Priče za djecu i mlade
2012 -
Museo de la Palabras, Quero, Spain - my short story, "Night Howl" won the “International Appreciation Prize” in a writing competition
2012 - Redak, web knjižara, FB contest, Split, CRO - kratka priča "Jesenska bajka"


Memento mori Reci Ne! Museo de la Palabra Spain II Pričam ti na mreži   Gdje prijateljstvo nice rastu i price

Poetry, stories and articles published in on-line and printed Magazines
and Anthologies

1972 - Magazine four youth, "Tina", Zagreb CRO
1974 - Magazine "Prvomajac", Zagreb, CRO
2005 / 2009 - Magazine
"Spark",Internet pages "Spark"
2007 - Magazine "Petroviski glasnik", Hungary
2008 - Društvo pjesnika "Antun Ivanošić" Osijek, CRO
2008 - Advance, Dubrovnik, Croatia
2009 - Author Meeting Place, USA
2009 - Glineni snovi, Croatia
2010 - Dramski metod, Dušica Bojović, Beograd, RS
2010 - Zlatna djeca, Čepin, Croatia
2010 -
Iskrene iskre, Hrvatska
2010 -
Lukin portal, poetry for children, Zagreb, CRO
2010 -
Lukin portal, stories for children, Zagreb, CRO
2010 -
Psychological Counseling, B.a.B.e., Zagreb, CRO
2011 -
Hrvatski glas Berlin - Moje ime je Marta
2011 -
Hrvatski glas Berlin, Germany - Sketch Stories
2011 - Lukin portal, Suncopis, Zagreb, Hrvatska
2011 - The Cherry Muse - USA
2011 - POU, Velika Gorica, Hrvatska - Ljetopis Grada Velike Gorice, 2011, article
2012 -
Diogen, Magazine for culture, art and education, Sarajevo, BiH - Interview and poetry
2012 - Redak, Split, Hrvatska, story Jesenska bajka
2012 - POU, Velika Gorica, Hrvatska - Ljetopis Grada Velike Gorice, 2012, article
2013 - Radio gornji grad - Obala vrba, Stari zavjet, možda; translated to Macedonian by Borče Panov, one of the most famous Macedonian poet and writer.
2014 – Poem „Room with a view, postcard“ (Soba s pogledom, razglednica) was declared "Poem of the month", January 2014, at Mediterranian poetry, Sveden
2014 – Poem "Between white and blyck keys" (Između bijelih i crnih tipki), was declared "Poem of the month", February 2014. KUPIP, Križevci, Croatia
2015 - Webstilus - My book / collection of poetry, Korijeni (Roots), was chosen, awarded and published as the best poetry collection for 2014.
2015 - MeArteka - Poet Menduh Leka from Kosovo, translated and published several poems from my awarded collection of poetry Korijeni (Roots).
2015 - Crna ovca - Blacksheep - Short Story Flutist - Flautistica The story "Flutist" was specially selected in the contest "Stories of body"
2015 - Književnost uživo - HR - Short Story - Pekmez od dunja ili dan kad sam postala baba (Quince jam or the day when I became a gammer)

Stories, adapted for the radio /public / drama presentation
2002 - Div - Story from the book "Tajna ima krila" - Prvi program radio Zagreba, Obrazovni program, it was presented for the first time and then it was presented several times by well known Croatian Actor Pero Kvrgić and Children's theatre members.
2002 - Snježana - Story from the book "Tajna ima krila" - Prvi program radio Zagreba, Obrazovni program
2002 - Renata - Story from the book "Tajna ima krila" - Hrvatski katolički radio
2002 - Helena - Story from the book "Tajna ima krila" - Hrvatski katolički radio
2003 - Ema - Story from the book "Tajna ima krila" - Students, the primary school Ivana Gundulića, Zagreb
2007 - Tvrtko i Miranda - Story from the book "Kamen Tvrtko" - Students, the primary school "Ivan Kukuljević" - Belišće
2009 - Vila u vrtu patuljaka -self-contained fairy-tale - presented at the Spark Society scene, by the Center for the creative Art members, young artists.
2009 - Vila u vrtu patuljaka - self-contained fairy-tale - presented at the Christmases fair scene, by the Center for the creative Art members, young artists.
2010 - Vila u vrtu patuljaka - self-contained fairy-tale - presented at the Center for Training and Education Vinko Bek, institution for education and rehabilitation of blind and visually impaired children, adolescents and adults scene, by the Center for the creative Art members, young artists.

Artella's Poetry - USA, Hawaii


2007 - Silver bells
2008 -
Golden grape-vine
2008 -

Cyclamens and Swords Publishing - Israel

2008 - November
Theme: Genesis

2010 -August
Theme: Music
Moonlight sonata

2012 - August
Old pictures

mediterranean.nu - Sweden bar

2010 - January
Theme: Mediterranean

Some distant shores
Room with a view, postcard
Old olive tree

2011 - January

Inside irises of the night

2011 - June
Sea Scent

Poem of the month - 2014

Room with a view, postcard



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