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Book signing25.2.2003. Velika Gorica – The "Tajna ima krila" book’s first festive event, with performances  at the Sredisnja gradska knjiznica (the town's Main Library), Velika Gorica,  Zagrebacka 37. Thanks to Prof. Ruzica Cigetic, pupils from  the E. Kumicic primary school in Velika Gorica took a part  in an artistic programme, including reading selected part from the book and violin playing. At the same time, in addition to the book's programme, there was the book's drawings exhibition by the author Mr. Dalibor Prstacic. Mrs. Ljubica Pernar-Robic was the performing organiser. Mr. Zenuni Memetali (owner of the MEMY pastry shop), was the sponsor of the event. Information about this book was communicated by HINA, Vecernji list, Reporter (Velika Gorica), HRT - Croatian Broadcasting and TV, and by many web pages in their  information sections relating cultural and literary happenings.

11.4.2003. Zagreb
- A festive event including artistic performances and discussions with the author, related to the "Tajna ima krila" book, took place at Knjiznica Bogdan Ogrizovic, Preradoviceva 5, Zagreb (Bogdan Ogrizovic Library). This included a drama act performed by pupils from the Ivan Gundulic secondary school, Zagreb, prepared by their teacher Mrs. Marcela Boban. At the same time, next to the book related performances, the book's drawings exhibition by author Mr. Dalibor Prstacic took place as well.

11.4.2003. Velika Gorica - I had the special honour to meet and to talk with our well known poet Dragutin Tadijanovic during his visit to our town and the special performance - Meeting with poets. A day to remember.

17.4.2003 - Discussion about the book - HRT - Prvi program Radio Zagreba (HRT - Croatian broadcasting -  Radio Zagreb - First Program).

30.9.2004. - 1.10.2004. Dubrovnik - An invitation from the town Dubrovnik. The cultural promotion agency Promo Raguzina (Mr. Darko Ivankovic) organized  the “meeting with a bookwriter” at the primary schools: Lapad, Marin Getaldic and Ivan Gundulic.

1.10.2004. Dubrovnik - Discussion about the book for Dubrovacke novine (Dubrovnik newsletter).

6.3.2005. Velika Gorica - An invitation from the Spark art society, Velika Gorica. Discussion with the book writer about her actually work, awards and newly prepared works, including reading a chaptert from a new, not published yet, book - a novel for youth.

29.5.2005. Velika Gorica - It was my pleasure to meet for the very first time Verica Peacock, a book writer from England. I am very proud to say - Verica is a friend of mine. With the Art Society "Spark" we organized a “meeting with a book writer”. Verica wrote a novel – an autobiography named The Find. She wrote as well numerous poems, published in the UK. With one of these poems she won the second place at a competition for the best haiku. More...

15.6.2005. Velika Gorica - Goricke veceri fest - Actor with  Art Society "Spark", reading my own poems.

18.6.2005. Lekenik - Interwiev for radio RTL - at Lekenik, (>Renata Tunjić) - about Art Society "Spark"’s work, and some other cultural events related to Velika Gorica.

6.11.2005. Velika Gorica - In the name of Society "Spark" it was my special honor to invite our well known book writer and poet Višnja Stahuljak. She accepted to be our guest. In addition to being a great book writer and poet , she is a very special and kind person as well. During this performance, I read a poem I wrote and dedicated to her (My Autumn) Jeseni moja.

8.5.2006. As a member of the Society of Writers for Children and Youth from Croatia, I attended the project “Letter as your guest”  (Slovo u gostima) which was realized thanks to financial suport from the Croatian ministry of Culture. I attended to children school lessons and lectures at the primary school Eugena Kumičića, Velika Gorica, reading stories from my book Kamen Tvrtko. After the reading session, the children made drawings of their own interpretation of this book.

. I was again a guest at the primary school Eugena Kvaternika, Velika Gorica, reading stories from my book. The children were excited and happy, and after two school lessons they were reading stories from my book. I spent with them a nice and unforgettable time.

. I attended Goricke veceri fest (Gorica nights) reading my poetry.

. I attended to the main Velika Gorica library, children section, opening ceremony, invited as poet and book writer. The same day I was a guest at the kindergarten Ciciban, Velika Gorica.

. I was included in the Lexicon - the town Velika Gorica’s index of book writers and poets.

3.2.2007. Invited by the Art society Vjekoslav Majer from Zagreba and Italian national minority Croatia (Talijanske manjine u Hrvatskoj). I attended  the poetry meetings, reading my poetry at Tribine grada Zagreba. This meeting was under the name “Love, respect and beauty of differences” (Ljubav, poštovanje i ljepota raznolikosti). The moderator was the well known Croatian actress and singer, Kostandinka Velkovska

24.2.2007. Unforgettable private meeting with the one of the greatest Croatian writer and poet, Vesna Parun, in Stubičke Toplice, where, for the health reasons, she found her lodging since the year 2000. Although very often the world treated her with no grace, she devoted all her life to the literature.

Book signing7.3.2007. Primary school Eugena Kumičića from Velika Gorica organized  promotion of my e-book Kamen Tvrtko. Information about this happenings you can find on RVG - Radio Velika Gorica, magazin Reporter and many other newspapers.


Library Stribor - Rijeka27.3.2007.
Here is the link to the one of the latest happenings at the library Stribor, Rijeka. Many thanks to all kids an librarians for the great hospitality. My books and my visit to them were shown on this broadside.


Učenici Osnovne škole Ivana Kukuljevića, Belišće, čitaju dijelove knjige "Kamen Tvrtko"
29.5.2007. I was a guest at primary school Ivana Kukukljevica, Belisce, with my e-book Kamen Tvrtko and Tajna ima krila Pupils prepared the first story from the book Kamen Tvrtko, Tvrtko i Miranda and scenically represented it to visitors, school childrens and their teachers. Many thanks to all for their help to prepare this meeting to made it so interesting. Many thanks to pupils who was attending to this meeting as a chool reporters, and thanks for CD with pictures.

City Mayor T. Picula, his wife on the right, me on the left04.06.2007. I attended to the opening evening of the great Summer festival Goričke večeri at the well know Old castle Dvorac Lukavec, nearby Velika Gorica. It was a very festive evening and it was nice to meet others well known poets and citizens as well as some international guests whos host was our city Velika Gorica and the city mayor, Tonino Picula and his deputy Goran Beus Richembergh who took the picture of me (left), the city mayor and his wife (right).

. GISK - As a guest of Town and University library Osijek (Gradska i sveucilisna knjiznica Osijek) I was talking with kids about my published books written for kids, Kamen Tvrtko and Tajna ima krila, and answering to their questions about my other literary work. It was such a pleasant time, I'd like to be your guest again! Hope to meet you soon!

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