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01.02.2011. Interactive work with children, age 7 - 9, Centru za djecu, mladež i obitelj (Centre for children, youth and family), Velika Gorica, group / class - Topli kutak (Comfortable class). I red them stories, poetry and we played together.

In the city library Marija Bistrica I attended to the VIII recital Željka Boc. Two of my poems are published in the Colection of Poetry Hod se nastavlja. It was choosen betwen 394 other poems and 96 authors by jury members Enes Kišević and Dubravka Tezak and the jury president Ludwig Bauer. 24 of 46 published poems was presented by well known artists from the theater Svarog, Dubravko Sidor and Martina Čvek. For the great musical atmosphere the "guilty" was musical group Generacijski jazz

Ivanic Grad07.03.2011. The City library, POU, Ivanić Grad, organized literary meetings and presentation of the book "Hello, Earth is calling Snjezana". Thank you for your invitation and pleasant company.

Interactive workshop with children, age 4 - 6, Centar za djecu, mladež i obitelj (Centre for children, youth and family), Velika Gorica, group / class - Slovkići (words learners)

Centre for children, youth and family29.03.2011.
Interactive workshop with children, age 7 - 11, Centar za djecu, mladež i obitelj Centre for children, youth and family), Velika Gorica, Drawing and painting group / class. What a talented children!

20.07 i 22.07. 2011. Summer workshop with children, age 6 - 12, Centar za djecu, mladež i obitelj Centre for children, youth and family), Velika Gorica, Drawing and painting group / class. It was another amazing experience.

Susret riječi, Bedekovčina 2011. At the ceremony of 42. Susret riječi, I was reading my poem "Cirkus spavača" (Sleeper’s circus), published in the Anthology "Susret riječi".

0104 2012 Slavica Sarkotić, seccond prize winner01.04.2011. POU Velika Gorica - it was the real festival of poetry organized by the Culural society Spark. I was there, reading awarded poetry and worked as the main anchor/speaker.  Sanda Kulier and FA Danice participated once more and contributed their singing talent to the event, with Zvonko Knežević, guitar.

Princesa Letizia, Spain03.05.2012. Princesa Letizia, Spain, organized in the Royalty Palace Zarzuela, an audience for the Museo de la Palabra International contest short story winners, led by founding sponsor, Cesar Serrano Egido. I was the winner with my short story written in English language, Night Howl.

25.10.2012. I was invited to be a guest at Radio Zelina, to read poetry from my recently published book Kad zadrhte trave. Also, I talked about my trip to Spain and the prize that I won in the flash fiction contest organized by Museo de la Palabra, Spain..

06.11.2012. I was invited by Jadranke Del Ponte, director of the Kutina library, to be a guest at the Knjižnice i čitaonice Kutina. It was on the occasion of awarding best short story and best poetry to primary school pupils who participated in the fifth “My Story” competition. I read some of my poetry, presented additional aspects of my work and discussed with them my personal experience with writing and with poetry contests.

21.11.2012. I was invited to attend a "Generational gathering" organized by Mr Ivan Svetopetrić, president of the Forum 50+ Society. The event was organized under the auspices of the "European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations" and was conducted by an EU Delegation and by the Croatian Ministry of Social Policy and Youth to mark the European Year of Active Ageing and Inter-generational Solidarity. For this special occasion, I wrote a "Letter to my parents".

24.11.2012. As the main editor for Ivan Milčec’s book of poetry “Štel bi te belega meti”, I attended the promotion organized for it by HSPD "Podgorac" Zagreb-Gračani.

Kad zadrhte trave19.04.2013. Cultural Society Vjekoslav Majer, Pavla Hatza 8, Zagreb, organized a literary meeting and presentation of my book of poetry "Kad zadrhte trave". Thanks a lot to the host for their hospitality and to all guests who attended to this event.


Der Stein Hartwig9.-13.10.2013. Book Fair Frankfurt, Germany. My book for children, Der Stein Hartwig (Kamen Tvrtko) was exposed at the Fischer Verlag showroom.



Književni susret16.10.2013. Literary meeting with sixth grade students at the library Ivana Brlic Mazuranic, Zagreb. We talked about my novel for children, Halo, Zemlja zove Snjezanu!  as well as my other books written for children. Thank you for your kind invitation, Mirta Simic

25.11.2013. Literary meeting at the Primary school Gustava Krkleca, Zagreb, (with about 200 students) We talked about my book of short stories for children, Kamen Tvrtko and Tajna ima krila. Thanks for your kind invitation!

5.2 - 10.2.2014.
Literary meeting in Istria. Thank you, OŠ Marija i Lina, Umag, City library Umag, POU Buje, Primary school Matee Balota, buje (Osnovna škola Mate Balota, Buje), professors, teachers and students for your kind invitation.

13.2.2014. interview for Radio Križevci. Thank you Pjer Josip Petrlić. We talked about my winning poem, Between white and black keys (Između bijelih i crnih tipki)

Literary meeting at the Cultural Society Vjekoslav Majer, Zagreb.

Meeting of the words (Susret riječi), Bedekovčina.

At the Public library Petrinja I attended to promotion of the book Fly, fly (Leti, leti), author Ljiljana Jelaska, for which I wrote a review.

5. i 6.11.2014.
Literary meeting at the Primary school Rivarela, Novigrad. Thank you for the extreme welcome at the City library Novigrad (Gradska knjižnica Novigrad), to headmistress Morena Moferdin and librarian Dijana, to teachers and of course to students of the Primary school Rivarela. Thank you for good wishes!

23.4.2015. Regarding to the World Book Night, at the City library Petrinja I attended to the poetry book promotion My mother grain letters (Zrna slova moje majke), poetess Mirjana Pejak. As a special guest I was reading my own poetry as well. Thank you for your kind invitation!

Literary meeting at the Public library Poreč22.9.2015. literary meeting at the library Porec, Croatia. To students of six and seventh grades I promoted my book The girl with pink glasses. It was a great meeting. Thank you.!

I will try to continue posting all events related to my literary activity. There are just so many of them that it is pretty... hard to do it :)

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